Physical Activity

Did you know you can incorporate physical activity into story time!




Bringing a story to life

Let’s take a look at how Jack and the Beanstalk can be adapted to encourage physical activity.

– Gallop around the room (taking the cow to market)

– Throw bean bags, small balls or scrunched up newspaper into a bucket (magic beans    thrown out the window)

– Climb a small step ladder or trestle (climbing up the beanstalk)

– Crawl through a tunnel, large cardboard box or under a table (sneaking into the giant’s house)

– Grab a balloon or large ball and crawl back through the tunnel (hen/goose that lays the golden eggs)

– Throw and catch a balloon or ball with an adult (Jack brings the hen/goose that lays the golden eggs back to his mother)

– Run around obstacles (escaping from the giant)


What other children’s stories can be modified to inspire active play?

We’d love to hear from you!


Acknowledgements: Excerpts taken from Moving with Young Children workshop, Sport and Recreation Queensland (2005).

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