Excellence in Care offers a range of support ideas and initiatives to the Educators registered with our scheme. One of these is playgroup.

Playgroup is run by Zoe with the assistances of Paul & Kate and is open to all our educators.

Playgroup is a great way for our educators to get together, share ideas & connect with staff.

We have 2 playgroups, one in Camira which operates every second Monday and alternates with our Beaudesert playgroup which operated every second Tuesday.

Your child will get to sing, dance, try new art and craft activities, share experiences, and mix with other young children.

It is important for children to meet and play with others. It develops confidence and social skills, and is an enjoyable experience. In preparation for school, young children benefit from a little more independence from their parents and educators along with experiencing a little more structure to their day.

Playgroup enables each child to establish an identity for him or herself and gain increased confidence and a better understanding of the world around them.

While your child is busy playing with play dough or painting a masterpiece, they will also be picking up valuable new skills and experiences. These include:

– Learning to play with other children

– Experiencing new play and art opportunities

– Finding out more about the world and other people

– Experiencing books and music

– Improving problem-solving abilities.

Playgroups are great fun!



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