Childhood is an exceptional time of life, to be treasured and loved in its own right. This is the time where foundations are laid for future health, learning and well-being; therefore, Excellence in Care is committed to providing a learning environment where children can learn and develop by exploring their world through stimulating and challenging play.

We understand the importance to plan for children’s learning around their interests and their own specific needs, guided by the National Quality Standards, the Early Years Learning Framework and the School Aged Care Learning Framework-My Time, Our Place. This creates many opportunities for children to reach their potential, in all areas of their development: physical health and well-being, social, emotional, language and cognitive, and spiritual.

We value the role of families by encouraging a partnership to enhance the child’s belonging in our service. We acknowledge and embrace the cultural diversity of our community, where values, rights and differing perspectives are respected and understanding and empathy is encouraged.

Excellence in Care believes in the benefits of diversity, equity and inclusion. We all come from a range of situations and cultures, from broad all the way to the cultures within individual families. It is by including all these elements that we encourage children to appreciate the people around them and the interesting ideas we can learn from and share with each individual.

We will collaborate with staff, educators, families, the community and related support services to enrich children’s lives and support learning, while ensuring we are always maintaining confidentiality and privacy at all times.

We strongly believe in a down to earth approach to family day care, providing and striving for excellence in care and education. We will identify areas we can improve upon and commit to continual improvement in order to motivate and mentor each individual educator and provide excellence in care and education for all children.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle PHILOSOPHER

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