What you need to know about Excellence in Care

Our Coordinator Unit is the central hub for the Excellence in Care Family Day Care scheme. We are available to provide vital information, resources, assistance and advice to both Families and Educators alike.

It is our role to provide support to parents by matching your children with one of our many qualified Family Day Care Educators. We also are responsible for the communication between parents, Educators and the Australian Government on all matters relating to the processing of applicable childcare benefits.

In addition to this, Excellence In Care provides continuous assistance to parents on matters such as

  • Child Development
  • Behaviour Management
  • Health Matters

Excellence in Care also assists parents in the arrangement of alternative care when needed. For example, if your Family Day Care Educator is on holidays or ill, Excellence in Care will work to provide alternative care.

Excellence in Care now has over 90 Educators within the surrounding suburbs to offer parents willing to choose Family Day Care

You can find out more about Excellence In Care and our Team here.

What to expect: Enrolment process with Excellence in Care Day Care

If you have made the decision that Family Day Care is the right childcare option for your child and family, now is the time to contact us and start the enrolment process, we will assist you to register your child through MyGov to ensure they are enrolled with our services and can start care. Once you have completed an interview with our educator you will be ready to carry out an online enrolment.



Excellence in Care Family Day Care

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