The team at Excellence in Care


Kimberley Diefenbach - Approved Provider / Director

‘With a passion to protect all children’

My team and I strive to ensure that the Excellence in Care family is supported by a group of staff that is truly dedicated to providing the highest quality care. This allows educators to focus their time on interacting with children and providing support to their families.


Paul Diefenbach - Director

‘Embracing innovation and reflective practice that shapes the way forward'

Being the husband of an educator for 11 years, means I understand the benefit of including and understanding the role of the educator’s family and how this can benefit the children in care.


Danielle Sayward - Operations Manager

'A goal without a plan is just a wish.'

Danielle is Excellence In Care's Operations Manager. She will be providing inspired leadership for the EIC team, streamlining the operational and management processes. Danielle is further improving our productivity and efficiency to achieve an “best in class” when it comes to family daycare.




Yvonne Stewart - Support Coordinator

'Identifying areas we can improve upon and commit to continual improvement.'

Yvonne is Excellence in Care’s Support Mentor. Yvonne's role includes the first point of contact for all incoming communication, placement of children, all enquiries from educators and parents, and general office duties. She will also conduct coordinator visits from time to time.


Kylie Smith - Field Coordinator

'Our children should be properly introduced to the world in which they live.'

Kylie is Excellence In Care's Field Coordinator. She oversees educators in their working environment on a day to day basis. Kylie loves to take a hands on approach with a playful attitude to children on her visits.


Jazmyn Spelleken - Field Coordinator

'Teaching, creates all other professions.'

Jazmyn is Excellence In Care's Field Coordinator. She oversees educators in their working environment on a day to day basis. Jazmyn develops learning resources and experiences for the children and educators of our service.


Imogen Diefenbach - Social Media Manager

'You are what you share..'

Imogen is Excellence In Care’s resident Social Media Manager. She is intrigued with aiding in the running of the family business as she assists in office duties and manages, controls and distributes our social media content on all digital platforms.